Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hillsborough County Raises Impact Fees

The long anticipated increase in impact fees on new home construction was approved by Hillsborough County commissioners. After 20 years of no increase, the impact fees will be increased from the ridiculously low figure of $196 for a 3 bedroom home.

The new impact fees for schools wil increase to $2,000. on a home between 2,000 and 2,499 effective November 1, and will double to $4,000. on August 1, 2007. After full implementation, the fee is expected to raise $43 million per year.

In contract, the Tampa Tribune quotes Keven Robles of McCar Homes, who stated that: "his company pays $12,000. in impact fees for every home it builds in Pasco County. Of that, $4,300 goes toward new school construction,......up from $1,900 last year.

Of course, we all anticipate that these fees will be passed on by the builders to the future new home buyers.

Pasco Property Tax Cut Update

Yesterday, Pasco County commissioners voted to trim some $6 million from the proposed $1.1 billion budget. If they achieve this reduction, this will mean even lower property taxes than previously proposed and posted on this blog.

The current rate is $6.68 per $1,000. of valuation and the latest proposed reduction will lower that rate to $5.99. The budget will be approved in September, so we will have to wait until then to know the final figure.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hillsborough County Property Tax Rate Proposal

Hillsborough County's estimated budget for this coming year is a record $4 billion. With some $30 million in additional revenue from higher property assessments and new construction, proposals to cut the property tax rate fell on deaf ears with county commissioners.

Commissioner Blair proposed a 1 mill cut (equaling a $100.00 reduction per $100,000 of assessed home value.). Blair's plea included the comment: "It's the people's money"! Blair then proposed a half mill cut stating: "That's the rock bottom I can sleep with tonight".

Clearly no other commissioner was concerned about sleeping well that evening as no second to his motion was made. Previously commissioners agreed to cut the rate by 2/10ths of a mill. I guess that's their opinion of what is "the people's money.

The tax rate will be set this Thursday, and I doubt that there will be a run on no-doze by county commisioners between now and that meeting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pasco County Property Millage Tax Rates Proposed to Drop

With a $1.1 billion budget, the highest in Pasco County's history, county officials may be adopting a decrease in the tax rate. The proposed budget will take effect on October 1st and would be the 6th year in a row that Pasco homeowners will see a reduction in the property tax rate.

The proposed rax rate would drop to $6.24 oer $1,000. of property valuation which represents a 44 cent decrease from the current rate. Most Pasco residents also pay a municipal fire service tax and the proposed rate represents a 6 cent reduction per $1,000. of valuation.

The final budget should be approved in September.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tampa Condominiums in New Tampa

The condominium conversion rage in New Tampa continues. There are approximately 10 complexes that are selling condos and all are competing for Buyers. As a result they are offering a lot of incentives to buyers. I meet with Condo Sales Representatives on a regular basis.

Buying a condominium is a bit more complex in some ways compared to buying a single family detached home. It is important that your realtor be experienced in condominium sales and even better if the realtor has experience working for an owner/developer as a sales representative too. A lot more questions need to be asked when buying a condominium; especially a condo conversion than the price, and the HOA fees! For my photo tour of condos currently on the market, please click on: .
Also visit my website at, and click on the Tampa Condominiums For Sale Button!

Downtown Tampa continues with new proposals for construction of high rise condominiums. The most recent is a local development group proposing a 28 story building with over 400 residential units and parking. Prices have not been released for this proposed building yet, but another recent proposed building touted prices from $200,000 for a one bedroom unit.

New Tampa Community Council seeks Candidates for Board of Directors

Members of the NTCC ( New Tampa Community Council ) interested in becoming a Board member should contact Vince Heilman. Vince's e-mail is: and his telephone number is 787-4127.

There are only two requirements to be a candidate:

1. Be interested in the community and maintaining our quality of life in New Tampa
2. Be a member in good standing with the Council

The nominating committee will interview candidates and present a slate to the Board in august, with ballots to be mailed to all members in the beginning of September.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Northwood Residents seek control over Northwood Palms Blvd

Plans by the Spanos Corp. to build aprtments on S.R. 56, north of Northwood including the extension of Northwood Palms Boulevard are being opposed by many Northwood residents. A contingency of Northwood residents showed up this week at the Pasco County Commission's meeting to voice their opposition over fears of increased traffic and a possible decrease in their property values.

Some members of the Commission explained that they understood the concerns of the residents, but could only provide some traffic calming such as roundabouts, etc. The Commission further explained that the purpose of the topic at the meeting was strictly to discuss a height and buffer requirement for the proposed apartments.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tampa Homes Sales

The Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR) published the following Tampa home sales data for the month of May: (This does not include data on Tampa New Home Sales.

New Tampa Home Sales in May: 77 Avg. Sales Price: $411,538 Avg. Days on Market: 49
Pasco County Home Sales " " 283 Avg. Sales Price: $256,891 Avg. Days on Market 55
(Includes Wesley Chapel)

Total Sales in the Month of May reported by GTAR: 1,613 Avg Sales Price: $283,856

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Monday, July 10, 2006

New Tampa / Wesley Chapel Tennis Stadium

Plans for a 5,000 seat, 24 acre Pasco County National Tennis Stadium in Wesley Chapel, next to Saddlebrook Resort are moving forward. According to the Tampa Tribune, the original cost of the project was $5.7 million and will be operated by the nonprofit Saddlebrook Sports foundation. The next step is for the Southwest Florida Water Management District to give its approval at the end of July.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Granny-flats Property Tax Break for Pasco County Homes

Pasco County commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance allowing full time residents to apply for tax exemptions for "inlaw suites" built after January of 2003 for use by older relatives. A Florida State law passed in 2002 allows counties to offer exemptions up to 20%.

Prior to putting on that addition for Granny, check with the Pasco County Property Appraiser's office for specific details.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Extension of State Road 56 into Wiregrass & Meadow Pointe

Recently Pulte Homes Corporation submitted the final plans for the first 3.4 miles extension of State Road 56 of the 5 miles road that will eventually connect to Morris Bridge Road.

Speaking with a Pasco County Growth Management representative on the phone this past week, I was told that the initial extension will at least take it to the Wiregrass High School and Middle School currently under construction at Mansfield Road in Meadow Pointe, and possible could connect to Meadow Pointe Boulevard.

Once State Road 56 is connected to Mansfield and Meadow Pointe Boulevard, I would anticipate a considerable reduction in traffic on County Line Road.

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New Tampa High School Plans

According to District leaders, the chances for another new high school in New Tampa are dwindling as there: "isn't a lot of land left in New Tampa".

Plans to open a new high school in the New Tampa area in 2010 have been modified with the possibility of a new high school being built in another area that could affect the New Tampa boundaries.

Plans are underway to build classroom additions at the Wharton and Freedom New Tampa High Schools.

Tampa Home Values

The Tampa Tribune reported on July 1, 2006 that "Property values rose to unprecedented levels this year in Hillsborough County, setting a record for the biggest single-year leap in taxable property dollar-value in the county's history."

The Tribune stated that homes rose an average of about 20 percent compared to a traditional 8 percent increase.

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