Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wesley Chapel Quail Hollow Golf Course Plans to Convert to Residential Development

From time to time I receive calls or e-mails from readers of this blog. Typically they are interested in help finding a good resource in local government to assist with an issue or to get additional information. This week, I had a reader contact me with a request for more info. on the possibility that Quail Hollow Golf & Country Club on Old Pasco road may be converted to a residential development.

My first thought was that there was a confusion with Grantham Ranch (another project on Old Pasco Road in Wesley Chapel). So, I got in touch with a contact of mine at the St. Pete Times who is a staff writer for them. Yap covers Pasco County development for the St. Pete Times. He too thought I was talking about the Grantham Ranch project until I told him that I thought this was something different. (Since neither he nor I knew about this, we both thought that it must be something very new or incorrect.) He has a lot more time to get in touch with the appropriate officials to confirm such a rumor and shortly thereafter informed me that it was true. I also asked him to get in touch with the reader of this blog to update him with the details. An article in the St. Pete Times appeared the next day.

Apparently the owner/developer of Quail Hollow Golf and Country Club wants to build around 600 homes on the golf course and are in discussions with Pasco County planners. Of course, those homeowners who currently live on "golf course" property certainly can't be happy over the prospect of this proposal.

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