Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Epperson Ranch Planned Development SOLD and other Projects Quiet!

At a time when builders all across the country are experiencing significant losses, I guess it isn't surprising that Lennar has sold all its interests in the Epperson Ranch project. The Tampa Tribune reports the 1,742 acres and the 3,905 homesites that Lennar recently secured with Pasco County and regional planners have been sold to Metro Development Group.

The project commitments for the realignment of Curley road and the Town Center pass on to Metro.

Additionally, the "silence has been deafening" on the residential portion of the approved massive 5,000 acre Wiregrass Ranch project in Wesley Chapel. The commercial development of the Shops at Wiregrass is progressing and I am usually very surprised at the progress when I stop by.

It also has been a while since I have heard anything regarding the 2,000 acre residential development of Bella Verde in nearby San Antonio, FL.

Lastly, Coldwell Banker recently quietly closed its Tampa Palms office.

I guess all signs of the times!

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