Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update photos of Sweetbay and LA Fitness at The Cypress in New Tampa

Located in The Cypress, a new retail center under construction in New Tampa, Sweetbay and LA Fitness (813) 435-6040 are targeting June openings.

Sweetbay targeting June 27, 2009 for an opening date:

LA Fitness targeting an opening for June 15, 2009:


Denis A. Baldwin said...

That looks so much nicer than the sweetbay I usually visit.

Josh said...

Any way to make the pictures enlarge?

Russ Perlowski, People's Choice Realty said...

No, I don't think there is not a way to enlarge the photos I have posted to this blog.

Heather said...

Is there a phone number for the LA Fitness, maybe posted somewhere around the actual building? It's not coming up as a location choice on the LA Fitness website yet.


Russ Perlowski, People's Choice Realty said...


I can't find the number right now, but I got it by calling the Carrollwood location.