Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Squatters in Bridgewater?

According to Fox 13 news, The Florida Community Preservation Corporation recently posted over 100 notices on homes in Bridgewater. The local fox news station reports that the company plans to "take over" some vacant homes in Bridgewater without title to the homes. Huh? Outrageous!  Watch the video below (after the commercial) for details:

Link to written article


Anonymous said...

These (or very similar) have also been posted on some vacant houses in Corey Lake Isles.

Russ Perlowski, People's Choice Realty said...

Outrageous act in any community without any input from the HOA.

Anonymous said...

Is this not illegal? they would be breaking into the house if they don't have title. Police should sit and watch these homes and arest anyone who tries to enter.