Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New I-75 / I-275 exit ramps to State Road 56

Traveling north on I-75 / I-275 you probably have noticed the tree clearance at the "wishbone" (apex).  Some major improvements recently have begun at this junction:

About the Project

The Florida Department of Transportation’s contractor is building new northbound exit ramps to State Road 56 (SR 56) from both Interstate 75 (I-75) and Interstate 275 (I-275).
  • The I-275 northbound lanes will also be realigned within the I-75 / I-275 interchange.
  • Northbound I-75 will be widened and resurfaced from the I-275 interchange to SR 56.
  • Two bridges will be constructed:   A new northbound I-275 exit ramp to SR 56 will cross over I-75 and a bridge will be built across Cypress Creek for northbound I-75 traffic exiting to SR 56.
Improvement Highlights

  • Traffic exiting northbound I-275 or I-75 to SR 56 will be separated from mainline traffic to eliminate the need for lane changes.
  • Better drainage and lighting in this area.
The construction phasing is designed so that all existing lanes of traffic will be maintained on I-75, I-275, and the ramps during peak traffic hours.

In order to maintain the construction schedule and to minimize the impact to the public, it is necessary for the contractor to also work at night. Lane closures, traffic shifts, and traffic paces will be necessary during different phases of the project.

Project Limits: from I-275/I-75 interchange to State Road 56
Project Length: 2.3 miles
Estimated Construction Cost: $29.9 million
Start Date: October 17, 2009
Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2012

Thanks to a reader of this blog who provided the following link to a video simulation of I-75 improvements from Fowler north to SR 52.  Also note that the BBD flyover ramp has been completed since the making of the video.  LINK TO VIDEO SIMULATION


Anonymous said...

any idea of diagrams of such bridges etc on the net? thanks

Russ Perlowski, People's Choice Realty said...

I saw some over a year ago, but no longer know the source to try to track them down again. If I do locate them, I will post them on the blog.

Anonymous said...

here is a link for video from fowler to 52. it contains details of the 56 ramps. http://previews.urscreativeimaging.com/future_projects/flash-videos/I75.html

Russ Perlowski, People's Choice Realty said...

Thanks for the link to the video/simulation! Readers will need to copy and paste the link into their browser.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are tearing down all the trees. So communities like Seven Oaks and Gran Hampton are going to be completely exposed to the highway. I'm sure they will not put sound barriers up.. it would cost money and I'm sure there is a study to prove that somewhere...