Monday, August 16, 2010

New Tampa Nature Park to break ground

Permits for the New Tampa Nature Park are finally in place and Project Manager, David Flanagan of the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department says that construction may begin on the new park as soon as the end of September.  Phase I of the 120 +/- acre park (up to 232 acres including neighboring Water Department and SWFMD properties) will include a half mile, 12 ft. wide asphalt trail connecting the park to Flatwoods Park, an asphalt entrance drive, and parking for 24 cars and 2 buses.  Construction of this phase should take approximately 120 days, weather permitting.  Future plans call for the park to include a nature center for exhibits and restrooms.  Access to the new park will be via Dona Michelle Dr. just off of BBD in New Tampa.


Anonymous said...

How do you distinguish this property from Flatwoods? I'm looked at Google Maps and the area just blends together for me.

Anonymous said...

Never mind I found a map:

I wish the city would build a "real" park with a pool, tennis/basketball courts, community center, etc. that they can provide in other parts of the city limits.