Friday, November 05, 2010

Wesley Chapel roads workshop update

Last night's workshop on Wesley Chapel roads under construction was the third workshop conducted recently by county staff.  Here's the info presented:

SR 54

A 3.5 +/- mile road widening project from I-75 to Curley Road.  Project duration 21 months with completion in January 2012.  The first six months were dedicated to relocation of private utilities followed by 15 months of roadway and public utilities work.  This project has a $27 million construction cost.
  • Traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed roadway on December 12.  This has been accelerated by 5 months from the original schedule.
  • New roadway construction is 45% complete
  • Overall project is 45% complete in 35% of the time
  • Curley road is now open from SR 54
SR 54/I-75 Interchange

Project consists of widening overpass for 9 lanes--six through lanes and 3 turn lanes.  COMPLETE

BBD widening from County Line Road to SR 54

Project consists of widening the two lanes to six lanes
  • Project North of SR 56 is complete except for striping, etc.  Expect new roadway to open by Christmas
SR 56 Extension
  • Traffic signals to be installed at Mansfield and Meadow Pointe Blvd.
  • Mansfield traffic signal work to begin November 15
  • Meadow Pointe Blvd. signal work to begin after Thanksgiving
  • Poles to be delivered middle of December
  • Traffic signals operational in February 2011
In the meantime, additional temporary flashing signs are being placed to caution drivers to stop when traveling north on Mansfield and at the Meadow Pointe Blvd. intersection.

SR 56/BBD Intersection

The completion of this intersection was delayed due to TECO issues that are now resolved.  They are in the process of adjusting timing on these traffic signals.  When the intersection is completed the signals will be actuated by traffic cameras to provide better traffic flow.
  • Completion of this intersection is scheduled for February, 2011.
Updates were not provided on other road projects in the area such as New Boyette Rd. and the new I-75 and I-275 northbound exit ramps at SR 56.

Simulated Video of I-75 widening from Fowler to SR 52 including new off ramps for I-75 & I-275 at SR 56.

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