Sunday, October 16, 2011

Average credit score for Tampa slightly below national average

Of the top American cities, Tampa ranked 92 with an average credit score of 740 for folks here, which is slightly below the national average of 749.  West Palm Beach topped the list for Florida cities with a ranking of 62 and an average score of 753, Orlando ranked 98 with an average score of 734, and Miami had a ranking of 122 with an average credit score of 719.  Which US cities had the top and lowest ranking?  Wausau, WI had the top average score of 789 and Harlingen, Texas ranked 143 with an average credit score of 686.*

What's the cost of a lifetime of bad credit?  Over $200,000!
Tips on how to boost your credit score

*Sources:  Experian, Vantage Score

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