Friday, May 11, 2012

Bridgewater HOA wins round one in court

A Bridgewater homeowner who says her HOA wrongly took possession of her home lost the first round in court on Wednesday with a ruling by Pasco Circuit Judge Robert Cole. (See previous blog post.)  Shannon Behnken of The Tampa Tribune further reports that the Bridgewater Community Association provided the following statement:

"The ruling today is a win for people in every community who live as compliant property owners. It is a victory for people who refuse to bow to those who do not pay their debts, while benefiting from the compliance and hard work of their neighbors.

When the current members of the Bridgewater Community Association (HOA) began to guide the community, crime was rampant. Residents felt unsafe. The climate was one of fear, and properties were in deep decline. Drugs were being dealt openly in a park where families were meant to play with their children, breaking and entering was common, and gangs were gathering.

At that time, only 25 percent of residents were paying dues and complying with other HOA rules. Recognizing the difficult economic times, the HOA reduced dues by 50 percent.

Today, 66 percent of members are paying dues and complying. More than 300 homes have been restored or improved through painting, landscaping, replacing or replenishing sod, pressure washing and cleaning oil stains. Homes are now selling."

The Tribune also reports that the homeowner's attorney plans to file another motion on her behalf.

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