Sunday, September 23, 2012

If you live in a HOA community, remember to get approval for exterior changes first

New Tampa and Wesley Chapel are known for their upscale and beautifully landscaped HOA communities, many of which are gated. Sometimes people forget that Home Owners Associations have restrictions (that vary from community to community) and those restrictions are in place to protect the values of the homes within the community.

This week an HOA in Georgia has been in the national spotlight because it is suing a homeowner over a pink playhouse in a backyard.

Earlier this summer, in Colorado another HOA dispute over a child using chalk on a sidewalk made Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist!


Locally,  a number of years ago Tampa Palms in New Tampa was in the national spotlight over a HOA treehouse dispute:  LINK

So, remember to get HOA approval if you live in a deed restricted community if you are going to change the exterior appearance of your home!  (I even have heard of a local HOA dispute over the color of blinds placed in the front windows of a home.)  If you hate the thought of restrictions, you should seriously reconsider living in a deed restricted community, but the pickings will be slim in New Tampa.

Lastly, here are 9 reasons to choose to live in a deed restricted community!

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