Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2,000 oak trees in Seven Oaks to get the axe

Seven Oaks
Shannon Behnken of The Tampa Tribune reports that the beautiful community of Seven Oaks in Wesley Chapel will remove 2,000 street trees planted years ago by the developer.  Seven Oaks, like many other communities has discovered that the planted oaks cause expensive damage to sidewalks and roads. After removal, the trees will be replaced with more appropriate ones, more friendly to sidewalks and roads.

This subject has been a previous discussion with the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners too and more recently, over 100 trees in Ybor City were removed for similar reasons and not without controversy. Plans there were to replace the trees with crape myrtles, olive and/or palm trees.

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Anonymous said...

Arbor Greene needs to do the same. The problems there are already bad and only getting worse. These neighborhoods need to realize Oaks get HUGE!!!