Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cash sales make up large percentage of Wesley Chapel YTD home sales

An analysis of the year to date single family home sales reported in our local MLS shows a high percentage were reported as all cash sales.  Most of those sales were likely to investors.

Stats on YTD all cash Wesley Chapel single family home sales:
  • 41% of all reported sales were cash sales
  • The average sales price of the all cash sales was $174,622
  • Sales prices ranged from a low of $57,000 for a home with Chinese drywall to a high of $525,000
  • The average cash sales price was 99% of the list price.
Presently there are less than 170 single family homes listed for sale in Wesley Chapel with an average list price of $351,142.   Less than 30 of those are under $200,000 as that is the preferred price point for real estate investors and they tend to get gobbled up quickly.

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