Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tampa is America's most hospitable city!

From BuzzFeed:

"If you’re ready for a weekend away, these 10 cities may not be the first to come to mind but according to Airbnb’s recent study, they are the friendliest."

1.  Tampa, FL
2.  Mendocino, CA
3.  Eugene, OR
4.  Bend, OR
5.  Raleigh, NC
6.  Memphis, TN
7.  Madison, WI
8.  Nashville, TN
9.  Tucson, AZ
10. Tahoe City, CA

"If you’ve got a family or are looking for bit of unusual adventure, head to Tampa Bay. Best things to do in Tampa: Hand-feed a giraffe, spend a day reliving Florida’s cultural past at Cracker Country, or have some fun riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens."

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