Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fresh market at Wiregrass this Saturday

Don't forget the fresh market this Saturday at The Shops at Wiregrass from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM!  (Most vendors arrive earlier though.)

Featured vendor
"The Pickle Lady"
This week I thought I'd feature one of the vendors at the Wiregrass fresh market.  Over the past several months, my friend Barb has talked about "the pickle lady" and how good her pickled vegetables are that she purchases from her at other markets in Tampa.  A few weeks ago she informed me that "the pickle lady" was going to be at the fresh market at Wiregrass.  I walked the market and didn't see any sign for the pickle lady and just happened to notice the sign for C & D Delights.  It turns out that Dawn of C & D Delights IS "the pickle lady", a nickname my friend has given her!

Owner Dawn offers a variety of pickled vegetables (and jams).  My friend Barb swears that the asparagus is fantastic; I ended up purchasing the hot (spicy) pickled okra which is great.  Dawn offers a variety of pickled products  so if you are looking for some  "Southern specialties with sass", stop by and see Dawn (AKA "the pickle lady") with C & D Delights this Saturday at the fresh market at Wiregrass!

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