Monday, November 12, 2012

Home sales and prices up!

Tampa Bay home prices are up and inventories are tight!

Home sales in October soared 35 percent over a year ago and median sales prices increased 9 percent and bay area homes are selling quicker, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Additionally, the Times reports that "across the state, Florida Realtors data shows year-over-year prices have climbed every month this year".
*Information reported in MLS deemed reliable but not guaranteed


Anonymous said...

Look at MLS in New Tampa. Overwhelming number of rentals. Which means, investors bought them in summer, jacking up prices and now they have put those homes back as rentals. Summary: not many real buyers.

Anonymous said...

interestingly enough, just had my house re-appraised for a refinance and it came over $100,000 lower than what I bought it as at the bottom of the market in a short sale. Because my particular section of my neighborhood is stable and all they could find was other areas near by, they devalued the price of my home despite new ones on the market for almost $200K more than mine. baffling to me...