Friday, November 02, 2012

New Tampa's Road to Nowhere on Pasco's Agenda

For years the connection of New Tampa's Kinnan St. to Wesley Chapel's Mansfield Blvd. (in the heart of Meadow Pointe) has been opposed by Pasco representatives, giving it the Road to Nowhere name.  (See my blog post written back in 2006.) 

Now it looks like that may change as it is an item on the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners' Agenda on November 7.

If the connection is allowed, it will give New Tampa residents, particularly those in Easton Park, Cory Lake Isles, Heritage Isles, and Arbor Greene quicker access to The Shops at Wiregrass and I-75, allowing them to avoid BBD.  


Steve said...

I really hope that they finish the connection. I live in Meadow Pointe and travel to that area frequently. It would make my drive to church and dining about 10 min shorter, easily.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if opening was approved? That was the recommendation on the memo that was part of the agenda.

Russ Perlowski said...

No decision was made by the BOCC at this meeting. Another meeting is scheduled with representatives of the City of Tampa for November 16, 2012. After that meeting, a presentation will be made to the Pasco BOCC.