Thursday, February 28, 2013

No connection for Kinnan - Mansfield

Kinnan / Mansfield barricade
Laura Kinsler of The Tampa Tribune reports that the city of Tampa has responded to Pasco County regarding the Kinnan Street/Mansfield Blvd. connection.  (Pasco previously provided Tampa with a list of requirements to permit the connection.)

Kinsler reports: 

Julia Mandell, an assistant city attorney for Tampa, said that after meeting with representatives from MI Homes, which recently acquired the development rights for K-Bar, neither the city nor developer was "in a position to be responsive" to Pasco's requirements.

"After ongoing discussions between the parties, the city and developer may be revisiting the existing zoning and terms of the (annexation) agreement given the change or conditions and needs within the New Tampa area," Mandell wrote in a letter sent to Pasco officials.

"It's pretty much a dead issue for us," Pasco Chief Assistant County Attorney David Goldstein said.


Anonymous said...

Well there is apparently no compromise coming soon on this issue. I agree with all the comments on the previous story about how Pasco is being myopic with their demands. Maybe all Hillsborough County residents should start a "Boycott Pasco Businesses" organization. We could organize our own "barricade" at BBD and Morris Bridge of signs saying "Pasco open Mansfield or Hills closes BBD/MBR"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pasco. Who will benefit from this connection? Live Oak people who has restricted access to their community? Cross Creek people to get a straight shot to future community college/ Wiregrass mall? I don't see who will be using that road driving from Pasco to Hillsborough... Like taking this route from mall straight to Cross Creek and then go where? Bruce B. Downs with horrible traffic? 2 lane Morris Bridge road??? Really... Hillsborough County or developers need to pay for that connector and other causes... By the way, K-Bar developers already charch high CDD fees for what??? It's a scam...