Thursday, September 16, 2010

One year later, a new fire station for New Tampa remains a "field of dreams"

You may recall that about a year ago it was announced that Tampa was going to build a new 8660 sq. ft. fire station (#22) on Cross Creek Blvd. next to the Cross Creek Plaza in New Tampa.  An application was made and approved for funds via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to pay for the project on already purchased land.  Reports in the local papers at that time indicated that groundbreaking would likely occur before the end of 2009 and completion in less than a year.

So, one year later, why is the parcel of land where the new fire station is to be built still "a field of dreams"?  Here's the explanation from Captain Wade, spokesman of Tampa Fire Rescue:: 

"Tampa Fire Rescue applied for and was awarded a federal grant to build the station. The federal grant required some additional Environmental Protection Agency and other reviews. The length of time it will take for these federal agencies to complete their work is beyond our control. I can tell you we call their offices about twice a month inquiring about the monies and trying to determine when the monies will become available."

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